23 Sep

Towing without wheels

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Can we tow cars with out wheels you ask.Yes in the event that you need
to tow your car ,4×4 commercial vehicle and it has wheels or
suspension removed it’s not a problem , if you’ve lost your car keys
and it’s locked in park with hand brake on it’s no problem for the
guys at advantage towing.

With our specially fabricated thick wall steel tube under chassis
trolleys with high quality needle roller bearing caster wheels that
are fully adjustable and suitable for any application it’s no problem.

Now in our 20th year of business and with our fleet of late model hino
tow trucks where happy to tow anything if it’ll fit on the back where
happy tow it with out hassle and with out damaging your pride and joy.

Towtruck with car on back
Steel tube under chassis trolleys
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